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Multigenerational College Planning with a Family Dynasty 529 Plan

March 1, 2023|Categories: Blog, Financial Planning|

The College Savings 529 plan offers a way for modest-income families to save and invest for college expenses for their children as early as birth up to college age. When invested 529 funds are used to pay for the beneficiary’s qualifying education costs, earnings are distributed tax-free.However, a lesser-known advantage for wealthier families is that the

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2812, 2021

Do I need to file a return this year?

December 28, 2021|Categories: Featured|

  Most people file a tax return because they have to, but even if you don't, there are times when

2101, 2021

Covid-19 Tax Resource

January 21, 2021|Categories: Featured, News, Tax Services|

Click here to access the latest Covid-19 Tax resources including SBA loan documents, news articles, and more....

2111, 2020


November 21, 2020|Categories: Accounting, Featured|

The IRS released Rev. Rul. 2020-27, which holds that taxpayers should not deduct PPP funded expenses in the year the expense was paid or incurred regardless of whether the taxpayer has sought forgiveness on the loan.

508, 2017

New Edmond Office Location

August 5, 2017|Categories: News|Tags: , , |

We are on the move again.  This time in Edmond.  Our new office is at: 16307 Sonoma Park Dr. Suite

2503, 2016

Voted Yukon’s Best CPA Again for 2017!!

March 25, 2016|Categories: Accounting, News, Tax Services|Tags: , , , |

We want to thank all of the Yukon readers of the Yukon Review for voting Joseph P. Norman as the Best in Yukon for 2015.

1801, 2016

New Office Gallery

January 18, 2016|Categories: Accounting|

2111, 2014

Tax Affect of Health Care Laws 2014

November 21, 2014|Categories: Accounting|

The Affordable Care Act, or health care law, contains health insurance coverage and financial assistance options for individuals and families. The IRS administers the tax provisions included in the law.

2210, 2014


October 22, 2014|Categories: Accounting|

New Yukon location on Garth Brooks.

2009, 2014

Refund Loans & Anticipation Checks

September 20, 2014|Categories: Accounting|

At Joseph P. Norman CPA we do not offer any refund loans or similar products. We do not feel they are appropriate and the fees typically charged by preparers are exorbitant.

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709, 2014

Where’s My Refund

September 7, 2014|Categories: Accounting|

Check the status of your federal or state refund here.

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